About Us

Can we live in a world where investments are environmentally friendly and accessible to everyone? That is our mission at Forestry Crowd.

Forestry Crowd was formed to try to make investing in forestry easier. Forestry investments typically require huge capital and we felt it was a barrier to entry for not only investors, but also slowing down the progression of forestry projects in Ireland.

Forestry plays a hugely important part in the fight against climate change and we believe by bringing the crowd funding model to the forestry industry, we have found a business model that can change the forestry industry for the better.

Forestry Crowd is still in its early stages. We are currently building a team and working on launching our first projects. If you are interested in getting involved with us, and feel you have expertise in a certain area of the crowd lending or forestry investment space, then please get in touch.

Forestry Crowd was founded by Michael Houghton, an entrepreneur based in Co. Limerick in Ireland. Michael has experience as a forestry and crowd lending investor and felt forestry was a key asset class that was missing from the crowd funding space. Michael launched his first ecommerce start up in 2004 and has experience in web development, business development and investing. Michael is originally from New Zealand and moved to Ireland in 2011.