Crowd Funding for Irish Forestry Investments

Forestry Crowd is a forestry crowd funding platform giving private investors access to the Irish forestry sector from as little as €500.

For individuals based in Ireland, enjoy tax free income when you invest with us. Irish Forestry is exempt from capital gains tax and income tax for Irish based individuals*. International investors are still invited to take part, but will need to do their own research to confirm if the investments are tax free.

* USC and PRSI is still payable on clear felling profits for Irish Individuals.

How it Works

We purchase land in Ireland. We will look to buy existing forestry land or agricultural land which is suitable for planting. We take care of finding and sourcing the forest and work with Irish forestry companies who will maintain the forest on our behalf.

Once we own the land, we will list the project on the platform. As an investor, you’re purchasing a percentage of the standing timber of the land. Once you have purchased the timber, you are then entitled to any profit that timber generates - including income from the forestry grants, thinning income and clear felling income.

Each of our projects will clearly list a projected income statement, and explain the expected return and how the project will produce income.

Because we own the land, the land effectively acts as a "buy back guarantee". In the event that a project doesn't work out as planned, such as loss of timber from a storm, the project is guaranteed by the underlying land, which can be sold in the event of major loss to the overall projected profit of the project.

We will also be offering a secondary market, where you can sell your investment early in the case you need to exit the investment before the maturity date.

Current Projects

There are no projects available at the moment. Register now and we will email you when new projects become available.


Is forestry a safe investment?

For all our projects, we will own the land, which means in the unlikely event of the timber being destroyed, the investment is secured by the value of the land itself. Effectively, what this means is that in the event a forest was destroyed, we could sell the land to ensure investor funds are recovered.

Do you take out insurance in the event the forest is destroyed?

We do take out insurance which will cover fires for more established forests, however it isn't possible to get insurance to cover damage to forests from storms and floods. We will always look to purchase land which has minimum flood risk and isn't exposed to the elements. The investment will be secured by the value of the land itself. The cost of insurance will be listed as an expense in the project income statement.

There has been some bad news stories in Irish Forestry recently? How do I know I can trust Forestry Crowd?

We are an Irish based company and work with established forestry management companies in Ireland. Forestry Crowd was founded by Michael Houghton who has an established reputation in Ireland as both an entrepreneur, investor and podcaster. Transparency is key to any investment, and if you wish to receive more information on any of our projects, simply contact us.

What if I want to exit the investment before the maturity period?

We will be developing a secondary market, where you can exit the project at anytime by selling your investment to other investors. Think of the secondary market like a share market. Your ownership of a project has value and as the trees grow, the overall value of the forest will also increase. The secondary market will act as a place for you to exit your investment at any time by selling your share of the project to another investor.

We will give more details on how the secondary market will work in due course.